“Success comes from consistent, focused attention in the direction of your goals…”

Hi! New here?

Here’s how it works: At the Productpreneur Academy, we take the most successful strategies from our multi-million dollar eCommerce clients and turn them into trainings for our community.

There are two stages to the Productpreneur Academy:
1. Our Productpreneur Website Formula, which is the 3 month group program where we teach you all our secrets, help you learn how to implement it all for the first time. And then,

2. Our Productpreneur Success Mastermind, which is where clients who are looking to continue to grow and need help improving their marketing, optimising and scaling up, planning new promotions or product launches, or generally getting our team’s expert help with all the tricky bits of marketing (like Facebook ads).

In both stages, we run things fairly similarly:
– The first 3 months includes a thorough and detailed training program, delivered via video tutorials and downloadable templates to help you learn and implement.
– We run multiple coaching sessions each week (initially you attend the call that relates to the topic you’re working on in the first 3 months’ program, and beyond that you attend whichever calls you want or need to).
– Each group has a private Facebook group where you can also ask questions or get feedback on what you’re working on.
– All our coaching and training sessions are recorded so you can watch back later if you miss anything.

We have a team of 7 coaches alongside founder Catherine Langman who work with our clients, so it’s very hands-on.

No question or problem is ever left unanswered!

Ready to get started? Let’s do it!